SuperClubsPLUS Retires

After 15 years of service to children and teachers around the world, SuperClubsPLUS has gone into retirement.

It was the first social network built for children and their teachers. In fact it was the first social network of any kind. Launched in 2001, as part of the government sponsored GridClub project, SuperClubsPLUS was the pioneering online community designed and built by the KOKO team four years before Facebook .

SCP connected over 2 million children around the world. It was designed to encourage children’s creativity, learning and social connection in complete safety. It was protected by professional moderators using KOKO’s own moderation tools. During it’s lifetime, while many teachers and parents were worried about online safety, in SCP not one single child was bullied, harassed or embarrassed by unsuitable content or messages.

For many years SCP was the only place where children could be safe online. Today research shows that most children can look after themselves. Facebook is teeming with illegally signed up young children and very few of them have problems with bullying or sexual exploitation.

Those that do come to harm tend to be children in vulnerable situations, and that’s where KOKO has been focusing it’s attention, providing a safe social network for the children in the care of Barnardo’s and consultancy and tools for other’s who wish to run safe communities.

So SCP is no longer needed for mainstream children and has now retired.

We want to thank all the amazing people who helped us invent and run SuperClubsPLUS, the government and local authority agencies who helped to fund it, the pioneering teachers who joined and the wonderful children (many now grown up) who made it a fabulous place to be.