KidsOKOnline (KOKO) helps keep teens and kids safe online.


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Do you want to provide a safe online community for young website users? Why risk lots of time and money to build it yourself when we can build a fully functional safe social network for you quickly and affordably with kokokonx!

Quick Safe Community

If you build a community website for children or teens, there’s a lot that can go wrong – bullying, links to unsuitable content or sexual predation. If even one child was hurt, it would be terrible for the child and a bad incident could tarnish your organisation’s reputation, ruin your project and cripple your business.

But help is at hand… KOKO has long experience in creating and managing protected online communities with young members. We know how to do it safely and we’ve built that know-how into kokokonx, the community system for organisations where user protection is important. We do all the software development and maintenance for you and we host the system on secure servers, so you don’t have to worry about any of that.

 Introduction to MySafeTXT. Click  for full screen

We can set up your kokokonx community very quickly and we’ll show you how you can easily tune it to your needs. Set your own logo and branding. Switch on the Apps you want (Forums, Polls, Wikis etc). Create your Groups.

The Groups system is ideal for a local authority with schools, a charity with projects or a company with departments. Each Group is a mini-network and can be open or private. Group members can also be part of the wider Community Group.

Moderation is taken care of! You can protect your members from unsuitable content and behaviour right from the start with KOKO’s ground breaking moderation tool, MySafeTXT. It’s integrated right into your community so from day one it will automatically block any really bad content and notify your moderators of any suspected bullying or grooming.

Why Choose kokokonx?

  • Quick to set up and affordable to run
  • No coding or hosting to worry about
  • Free online upgrades
  • Keep children & young people safe
  • Powerful Groups and Sponsors system
  • Automated moderation built in
  • All the social networking Apps you’ll need
  • Easy to brand and customize
  • Save time, money and reduce your risks


Think you might need kokokonx?

Safe by Design

Your kokokonx community is safe by design. Children and young people can safely connect, make friends, share experiences and learn together.

User Validation

You can ensure all community members are bonafide. You can appoint trusted Sponsors, who can then register new community members for whom they’ll be responsible. This gives a solid base for validating members.


Each member belongs a Group. You appoint Group Owners to run Groups, which can be open or for invited members only. Members can also belong to your Global Group for community-wide activities.

Auto Moderation

The MySafeTXT moderation system eliminates profane, racist or obviously abusive language. It also identifies more subtle attempts at bullying or grooming and brings them to your Sponsors’ attention.

A Real Social Network

Your kokokonx community is a complete social network with all the user profile features your users will expect. You’ll have a full range of Apps you can choose to use (or not). Editing is easy and there’s support for users with special needs.

The Barnardo’s Story

See how we helped Barnardo’s build a safe community for the children and young people they care for. Barnardo’s Story.

User Profiles

Your members will enjoy User Profiles, Friends, Likes, Status Updates, Comments, a Home Page, User Activity Streams with the latest content. Users can also set email notifications about new content.

Pre-Installed Apps

You’ll have a range of switchable Apps including: Forums, Blogs, Polls, User Surveys, Events Diary, Media Galleries etc. In your LearnZone you can upload content files for users’ entertainment and education.


Users will find it easy to write content with the WYSIWYG editor, drag and drop images and easy video links. The visually impaired can optimise text contrast and magnify pages. Widget Symbols help reading.

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