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Can your website users upload comments, forum posts, images or videos? Do you have public comments on your Facebook page? Do children and young people use your site? If so, you need MySafeTXT to protect your users and your reputation.

Moderation Tools

You need to monitor your website’s user generated content to keep it legal and protect your users from bullying, sexual harassment and exposure to obscenities. You also need to protect your organization’s online reputation. You need an efficient and affordable content moderation tool. You need MySafeTXT – the new intelligent multimedia moderation tool created by award-winning online safety experts KOKO and global social media managers Tempero and eModeration.

Introduction to MySafeTXT. Click  for full screen

Why Choose MySafeTXT?

  • Stop illegal content and behaviour
  • Keep children & young people safe
  • Protect your reputation
  • Quick and easy to learn
  • Automation saves moderator time
  • No moderators contact with users
  • Plugs in to any website or social network
  • Moderation expertise is built in
  • Tune language filters to your site’s rules
  • Monitor images, video and audio files
  • Easily manage your moderators
  • Transparent pricing, predictable costs


Think you might need MySafeTXT?

Plug in Protection

You just plug MySafeTXT in to your social network, Facebook page, website or blog. Then it will:

  • Block publication of bad language, racist or sexual talk
  • Notify your moderators to suspected bullying or grooming
  • Alert you by email if a user is in danger of abuse, self-harm or suicide

MySafeTXT is ideal for charities, government agencies and organizations in education, healthcare and social services. It is invaluable for companies in media, marketing and telecoms and ideal for monitoring corporate intranets.

MySafeTXT has standard set up costs and monthly service pricing for commercial and not-for-profit organisations. You’ll know your costs upfront and you’ll be able to predict costs for the future. If your community is growing, you’ll find the cost of scaling moderation is very reasonable.

The IGGY Story

See how we help keep IGGY safe  – the online social and academic network for 13-18 year olds across the world, run by Warwick University. IGGY Story.

Safe by Design

MySafeTXT is safe by design. It monitors all user generated content and conversations and it blocks anything obscene, abusive or harmful from publication. It can automatically notify your moderators of any behaviour which might indicate bullying, sexual harassment or grooming. It can automatically alert website owners to community users at risk of self-harm, suicide or in danger of real world physical abuse. Your Moderators don’t even need to visit your website so they don’t have any direct contact with your users, They just login to your MySafeTXT account.

Works Everywhere

MySafeTXT is easy to fit, with pre-built plugins and a simple API to fit your website, and MySafeSOCIAL for your Facebook page .


With the MySafePIC, VID and AUD widgets, you can check all media uploads are legal and decent before they go public on your website.

Easy to Learn

Moderators find MySafeTXT quick to learn and easy to use. It automatically zaps really bad content, saving moderator time.

Your Own Expert System

The intelligent language analysis filters and moderation algorithms in MySafeTXT have been developed over many years by award-winning safety experts, KOKO, with moderation workflow tested by expert social media managers and moderators, eModeration. But you are in control. You can tune the filters to suit the users and rules of your community.

Intelligent System

The system combats filter avoidance tricks like number/letter substitutions. It learns from moderator and user activity. It prioritises content for moderator attention.

You’re in Control

You can choose what to monitor and what to block – sexual talk, self-harm, personal contact information, drugs, alcohol, links to other websites? You can choose.

Manage your Moderators

MySafeTXT gives you detailed reports of user and moderator activity, so you can better deploy moderation resources and manage moderator quality.

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