KidsOKOnline (KOKO) helps keep teens and kids safe online.

Child Safety Review.

If you have an existing website with community functions, we’ll help you keep it safe for your users. We’ll provide a confidential child safety review, including a thorough risk analysis. We’ll evaluate your child and young persons safeguarding policies and moderation practices. We’ll give you pragmatic advice and practical help to make it safer.

Child Safety Review

Online communities can be vibrant and exciting places and we know that people’s engagement, participation and learning is greatly enhanced through social contact, collaboration and compelling opportunities for creative expression. But poorly managed communities can be dangerous places for children and adults.

When it goes wrong it can go horribly wrong. Children can be damaged. The press can have a field day at your expense. You could be sued by angry parents. Projects may have to be abandoned at great cost. Your reputation could be destroyed. Your business could be ruined.

But community websites can be run safely. KOKO knows how and we’ll help you improve and update your child safety practices with a Child Safety Review.

Why Choose KOKO?

  • Keep children & young people safe
  • Avoid bad press and costly lawsuits
  • Protect your own reputation


Could KOKO help make your site safer?

Understand the Issues

We will meet you and your team, in person, listen to your community ambitions and concerns and discuss and report back upon the user safety issues.

Full Risk Analysis

We’ll review your community in depth, identify the risk points and provide  a thorough and comprehensive formal Risk Analysis. We’ll report on the risks, their probability, severity and potential consequences. We’ll recommend measures to remove or mitigate risks.

Safeguarding Policies

We’ll help you develop or improve your existing Children and Young People’s Safeguarding Policies and Procedures.

Moderation Tools and Practices

We’ll carry out in-depth assessment of your current moderation software tools and evaluated your moderation practices. We’ll help you develop your Moderation Guidelines and Incident Escalation Procedures.

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