KidsOKOnline (KOKO) helps keep teens and kids safe online.

Community Management Training.

We’ll help you get the best from your community users. KOKO’s community management training will help keep your users safe, creative & productive.

Community Management Training

We’ll help train you and your staff in online community management including, community administration, moderation, animation and editorial. We’ll also focus on the child safety aspects of running a community. We’ll help you consider the great potential benefits and understand how to mitigate the risks – whatever community system you’re using.

If you happen to have  a kokokonx community, we’ll help you get the best from it. If you’re using the MySafeTXT moderation tools, we’ll help you with a Quick-Start course to get your moderators going or a Mastery Course for your administrator.

Our community management training courses are based on our  20+ years of practical experience plus the wisdom of  friends, like eModerationBarnardo’sCEOPFamily Online Safety Institute and KidsandMedia. Courses can be held on your chosen premises. They are intensive but practical and your staff will find them stimulating and immediately useful.

Why Choose KOKO?

  • Learn from expert community managers
  • Courses are practical and immediately useful
  • Keep up with best user safety practice


Could KOKO help with your training?

Benefits & Risks

What are the potential benefits of online communities for children and young people? What are the risks? How do we optimise the benefits and minimise the risks? We review the research and current trends in user behaviour in communities and social networks and help you with your strategy for reducing risks.

How to Keep Kids & Teens Safe

The importance of User Validation and automated and human Moderation. How to match your moderation Terms of Reference to your Community Rules. The role of Peer Moderation. How good community Animation can create purpose and reduce misbehaviour.

Using MySafeTXT

How to use MySafeTXT moderation tools to keep your community safe. From quick-start basic moderation to advanced use of the queue filtering techniques. How to use the multimedia moderation tools, MySafePIC, MySafeVID, MySafeAUD and MySafeSOCIAL. Plus there’s a Mastery course for administrators.

Using kokokonx

How to use your kokokonx community. We run community management training courses on all aspects of your community, aimed at your level of responsibility – from Community Administrators, Group Owners to Members.

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