KidsOKOnline (KOKO) helps keep teens and kids safe online.

Safe Community Development.

Websites that allow user generated content and communication between users can be exciting and valuable for children and young people. But if user safety is not built in from site specification on, they can be dangerous places. KOKO has long experience of developing safe communities. We’ll help you get it right.

Developing Safe Communities

When user involvement goes wrong it can go horribly wrong. Children and young people can be bullied, mentally or physically abused. Children can be damaged. Projects may have to be abandoned at great cost. The reputations of the community providers can be destroyed. We’ve seen it happen with AOL Clubs and Habbo Hotel for example, where inadequate safety systems and practices caused withdrawal of the projects, bashed the reputations and slashed the share prices of the companies involved.

The good news is… it can be done safely. The KOKO team knows about developing safe communities and we can help you. We’ve worked on developments with BBC, Tesco, Channel 4, NatWest and others. We’ve saved our clients £millions by helping them design safety into their projects. See how we helped J.K.Rowling build user safety into her new Harry Potter reading community. Pottermore Case Study.

Third Party Developers

So, if you wish to commission a third party to build community functionality for your website, let us help you save time and money and reduce the risk of getting it wrong. We’ll help at every stage of the process. Bring us in early and we’ll save you some trips up expensive blind alleys.

Why Choose KOKO?

  • Save lots of time money
  • Reduce your risk of getting it wrong
  • Keep children & young people safe


Could KOKO help with your development?

Call for Tender

We’ll discuss your ambitions and concepts and advise on user safety requirements which you can build into your call for tender document.

Candidate Group Briefing

We’ll provide a seminar for your invited  suppliers and advise them on the potential risks facing any user in an online community. We’ll discuss the specific safety considerations of your project for children and young people. Your potential suppliers will have a better understanding of the issues. They will be more likely to propose safe solutions from the start.

Candidate Consultations

We’ll meet with each of your tender candidates to listen to their specific ideas for user involvement. We’ll identify and discuss the user safety issues with them.

Supplier Selection

We’ll help you select developers, suppliers, software systems and human services for user-validation, registration, monitoring and moderation, to deliver your community safely. We’ll provide independent advice on how each candidate system and supplier might potentially meet your user safety needs

Safety Oversight

We’ll help you with the development of your community. We’ll engage with you and your suppliers and provide on-going advice on your emerging user-safety systems and procedures.


We’ll periodically review the operation of your emerging community. We’ll provide independent reports on how your systems and suppliers are, in practice, meeting your user safety needs and standards.

The Pottermore Story

See how we helped J.K.Rowling build user safety into her new Harry Potter reading site. Pottermore Story.

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