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At KOKO we’re passionate about helping people with creating safe online communities and delightful experiences for children, young people and those who care for them. Here are some of our recent success stories about work for clients in the media, charity, education and medicine.

Pottermore - safe online communities for kids

How to Develop a Safe Community

If you have a Website that could attract children or teens, there’s a lot that can go wrong. If even one child is hurt by bullying, links to unsuitable content or by sexual predation, it would be terrible for the child. It could also tarnish your organisation’s reputation. It could ruin your project and cripple your business.

The good news is… KOKO can help with all aspects of creating safe online communities, during and after your website development – from specification to launch and beyond. We have saved our clients £millions through more effective project and software design. KOKO helps top media and education organisations. For example, we helped J.K.Rowling build child safety into her new Harry Potter social reading site.

Story: Pottermore

Quick Safe Community

If you care for vulnerable young people and you want them to have all the benefits of connecting with peers through social media, but you want to protect them from the dangers of bullying, stalking, sexual predators and unsuitable materials, then you need kokokonx.

It’s a powerful community engine for creating safe online communities. KOKO can create for you a secure social network where the protection of children and young people is paramount. For example, we’re helping Barnardo’s to engage online with the young people they help in hundreds of projects across the UK.

Story: Barnardos

Barnardo's - safe online communities for kids

IGGY - safe online communities for kids

Moderation Tools

How do you connect children and young people online and ensure they are safe? For over 25 years the KOKO team has developed and safely managed communities for millions of children, teens, their teachers and carers and not one of them has been bullied or hurt. So how can we help you?

We’ve contributed all our software design skills and thousands of hours of community management experience into MySafeTXT, a sophisticated integrated suite of easy-to-use moderation tools. You can plug MySafeTXT into almost any community website to monitor user-generated-content and keep it safe. For example, we’re helping IGGY protect their online community for gifted children.

Story: IGGY

Engaging Young People

How do you to reach out to young people, communicate in their language, involve them in your project, effectively help them and perhaps change their behaviour?

KOKO has helped key charities such as NSPCC and RSPCA to engage children and teens actively in their projects and to make a real difference. For example, we’re working with The Christie Hospital on a project to reach out and support teenage cancer survivors online.

Story: The Christie

The Christie - engaging children and young people


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